The Viral Hack Manifesto

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For many years I charged a lot of money to brands who wanted to know about Viral Mechanics. I travelled all over the world and worked with some of the largest players out there to help them build content that people want to share and networks that were tight enough to stay together.

I will continue doing such gigs, but I will do it far less.

Instead, I will try to record as much of the material as possible and share it on YouTube, for free. I will create workshops and tools you can use on your own and in groups, and I will try to update it based on the feedback I receive.

Why have I decided to do this?

Well, a few months ago I came to a conclusion. The pace of digital training and understanding was moving along way too slow. The divide between those who know how to navigate the digital networks and those who don’t has grown significantly, and it is not only affecting us on a marketing level, but also on a societal level.

We see all kinds of extremism and propaganda being shared through social media. Journalists, bloggers and other influencers tend to not know why they see a certain message, nor do they understand that the messages they see, effect them through a long nudging process where they start believing things that aren’t necessarily true.

Thus, I have decided to pull my weight and put whatever I can offer to the table so that as many people as possible can improve their understanding of the digital world.

What are we trying to do?

As if that motivation wasn’t enough for me. I dug myself into trying to solve a problem on course drop offs. I believe that the discussion about online education is way to narrow. Currently, the mainstream discussion is about finding a way of making people commit to courses.

I would like to take another approach.

What if, I could create a network of digitally savy people who collectively could aim at making education as cool as gaming, as hot as sex and as lust driven as partying with your friends?

I believe it is very possible, and believe that we will need a network of about 15 000 people to be able to get a sufficient number of entry points, ideas and skillsets to make it happen.

This is The Viral Hack. A course in viral mechanics to democratize the network economy knowledge, and a project to try and help more people enjoy online education.

I will use all of my available free time to do this.

That is my manifesto!